Howdy all,

I took out a reseller package about 8 months ago and since then I've been very impressed with their service and in particular their support.

About a month ago another host that I was with tried to raise my costs by 600% - yes, you read that correct.

I was in the position of finding somewhere else to continue being a reseller or maybe to take the leap to a dedicated server, which was a scary thought as it is a big jump.

I have been so impressed with the support on ahosting, along with the really great prices for a managed dedicated server that I took the plunge.

A month later the support team have put up with quite a few support tickets from me, most of them my own fault, which they have happily fixed.

The longest I've waited for a support ticket to be answered is about 15 minutes, but most are answered within 5.

I wholeheartedly recommend ahosting.

Pete Martin