Hosting Transfer Process

Ensure ZERO downtime in your host transfer!
Yes, it can be done! The only requirement is that you don't delete your current host until your new one is setup (as guided below). Follow these steps to ensure ZERO downtime and not lose any business off of your web site.


Establish a hosting account with us. You'll then be able to access your new account via the server IP address. Once you do, you'll be given all of your account information in a spiffy email. Follow the directions in that email to upload all of your files to your new Ahosting Server.

C) In your welcome email, you'll get a TEMP link to access your NEW web site Before anything is live. Verify that everything is working on your NEW site

D) Once verified, go to your registrar and change your "nameservers" to those that are mentioned in your Activation email (can you tell that your welcome email is loaded with goodies).

E) Your site will be updated WORLDWIDE within 24-72 hours. Note: although you may be able to see your site is on your new server within possibly 12 hours, please allow a complete 72 hour cycle before you delete your old host.

F) Enjoy your new site @ AHosting If you have any problems during the transfer, please open a support ticket on our support section, letting us know what you've done so far, and we'll help you finish it all up! EVEN IF YOU DO IT RIGHT, drop us a line and let us know that you love the speed (cuz we pay dearly for such speed and love the compliments)

Already have a domain?
Just want to host with us?

You already have a domain but no hosting, not a problem. Follow the steps below and you will be on your way to your next flight aboard HostDime Airlines!

A) First step is you to establish a hosting account with us. Click on the hosting button on the top left side and select your plan.

B) After your payment is verfied you will get an email stating Account Activation email. In there will be all your usernames / passwords that grant you access to the server via an IP. Proceed to upload your files to the server via the IP. MAKE SURE YOU PUT EVERYTHING IN THE PUBLIC_HTML FOLDER and MAKE SURE YOU RENAME YOUR HOMEPAGE "index.html" ALL LOWER CASE. Then use the temp link provided in the email to view your site.

C) Once you have everything verfied go to the place where you originally registered your domain aka your registrar.

D) In your activation email there will be a pair of DNS aka Nameservers. Use those DNS to change them for your domain. If you don't have a domain control panel (that is where you usally can do these changes) please email your registrar or call them and tell them to change your name servers to those provided to you in your activation email

E) After the DNS changes are made your domain will now begin to point to your server with HostDime. This will take 24-72 hours to resolve along the whole world as every ISP updates their DNS at different times.

F) If after 48 hours you can not access your domain via please do a whois on your domain HERE make sure your name servers show up as those provided in your email. If they do not call your registar and yell at them!