By default, your main FTP (cPanel) user will have and FTP path to the userís home folder, and each FTP user you create after that will have a path that you specify with you create the account in cPanel > FTP accounts.

Unfortunately, cPanelís interface does not currently let you change the FTP paths for your main account or sub-accounts, but you can easily change these in the FTP user configuration files. Each cPanel user has a file in /etc/proftpd (yes, even if you use pure-ftp), which contains the information about the FTP users for that account. A sample FTP user file for the cPanel Ďuser1′ may look like this:

user1:$1$21PI_llg$mkBe12xsL2K3YZPSkM.3..:2110:2098 ::/home/user1:/bin/ftpsh
user_logs:$1$21PI_llg$mkBe12xsL2K3YZPSkM.3..:2110: 2098:user1:/usr/local/apache/domlogs/user1:/bin/ftpsh

If you want to change the FTP root for any of the users, simply make the change in this file and restart your FTP service.